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Buy this album and pat yourself on the back for taking a chance and finding a real songwriter with a voice God gave him to share to lift spirits and moods and create positive energy through music and his sonic artistry.


— R. Grayson (Boston musician)


FEATURE in Metronome Magazine (May 2024)!

damian israel shiner had an extensive conversation with Brian Owens of the Greater Boston music scene’s long-running music rag, Metronome Magazine. Read the full article online during the month of May at or download a PDF.

Reviews of the song “don’t”:

damian israel shiner’s rock song on the basement sessions — his third in a trilogy of bad breakup songs — received some stellar reviews from several online radio stations and Spotify influencers. More to come...


“Excelente nivel de producción musical, excelente mezcla y mastering, gran trabajo de voces. Su canción es bastante melódica y armoniosa. Felicitaciones por su gran obra maestra. Su canción será agregada a playlist 🎸✨❤️” (Translation: Excellent level of musical production, excellent mixing and mastering, great vocal work. This song is quite melodic and harmonious. Congratulations on this great masterpiece. This song will be added to the playlist.)

“We love it, amazing, very good. Great chorus, good riffs, good rhythm, great melody, and amazing vocals. Exciting to see your work, it has quality and high energy. High quality, great vocals, great lyrics, the recording and production are excellent, and everything is perfect. Congratulations, it's incredible, amazing work. It sounds good, we really love it, what a great song. Songs like yours make us believe and continue playing independent artists :) Hugs from Brazil.”


“Nice vibe going on here, good old guitar work. Some nice riffs and melodies and the guitars are spread nice and wide. Vocal style suits the track well, and all the bits and pieces are in the right place.”

“We love the rich and feeling vocals…keep up the good work!”

“This one had a real energy about it and of course, for us, the vocals are what stood out the most. However, you've really created a vibrant and energetic track too. Keep it up!”

“Really nice track! Love the rhythm and energy. Very catchy and easy to listen to. We will share it on our social media. Looking forward to hearing more from you!”

“Some decent riffs and a great intro here—a very accessible indie track that a lot can get behind and some great vocals.”

“We enjoyed how energetic this song is and the grittier parts of the vocals…we look forward to hearing more from you in the future!”

“I love the vibes and energy on this track! We are going to post this on the blog as soon as we can! Thanks a lot for this! Keep it going!”


“I like the combination of melody and grit on this track. There’s a dark vibe in the verse that’s driven by the guitar scale, shifting to a more upbeat feel in the chorus. The bass line is great and provides a solid groove that underpins the rest of the instrumental.”


“Hi guys, thanks for sharing your music! The leading riff of this track is brilliant, simple but addictive, and there's a certain humility to the vocal lead that reminds me of some of the indie rock legends of the early noughties. Your style is great, the songwriting really interesting, the performance impassioned and no doubt immense at a live show.”


Thanks for sending us your track. Sounds good, it´s cool. We are going to add it to the Spotify playlist called All Monkey Gone to Heaven, for our friends and followers to listen to for a month.


I appreciate the infectious energy and vibrant vibe of your song “don’t”. It's truly amazing to see how you guys can capture such an upbeat feeling and have it bounce off the speakers. The song has a captivating quality that immediately grabs the listener's attention. From the lively arrangements to the emotionally charged vocal delivery, each element seems to work in harmony to create an immersive and memorable listening experience. Plus, it's inspiring to see the musical path you've taken, from the days of playing with a cardboard guitar to becoming a recognized creative force in the music scene. The commitment and passion you have for music is evident, and this is clearly reflected in the quality of your art. You guys are undoubtedly talented and I'm excited to see what the future holds for the displayers!

Holiday Classic Re-arranged (Released Dec 2023)

damian israel shiner’s own arrangement of the holiday classic “O Holy Night” (Chris Harris recorded and mixed it) received rave reviews from friends in the music industry and fans alike...

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