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I like making logos

In my job as MarCom Director at Fontbonne in Milton, MA, I save the School a lot of money by doing all of my own graphic design work. Logos are a passion of mine (just like posters, and videos, and...well, you get the idea), and here are some that I have developed within my first year there. The lead image is a new Athletic brand I developed — the School had no formal “duck” image that they used and so I took it upon myself to design the official DUCK mascot image. I modeled it off of the unique italic capital F in the logo that existed before I started there. Consequently, I developed further athletic brands for use on uniforms and spirit wear, etc. The other marks (scroll for more than the four shown) are all my designs for either existing events or brand new events established this year. There were no established brands for these projects. I created them all from scratch.

In 2012, when the school where I was working (Trinity Catholic High School) was required to merge with another struggling school (Mount Saint Joseph Academy), I took it upon myself to design a LOGO for the new institution: Saint Joseph Prep. Drawing from the dominant colors of the former schools (navy blue and red/maroon), I developed a unique mark that would reflect something of the past while introducing something new: the fleur-de-lis. With a triune nature of three petals (Trinity), standing for the flower of St. Joseph (the lily), this symbol honors the French origins of the Sisters of St. Joseph who sponsor the school. In this way, all constituents were represented and something new was created. Designing this logo established me as the brand architect for all designs to follow as the school evolved.


I have designed many logos and developed many brands over the years, spanning a wide range of industries and environments. If you are curious about any of them, simply click on an image to get a better description of its origin and intent. There are more to be added.

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