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What began as entertaining a neighborhood audience with a cardboard guitar while lip-synching Beatles songs in his early pre-teens grew to an obsession with learning to play the actual guitar in his twenties. Immediately beginning to write songs while figuring out block chords, damian leapt into the Boston singer-songwriter scene in the mid-nineties, playing originals and covers by The Cure, U2, and other influences, while expanded his circle from there. He spent eight years writing and performing regionally with shiner.jones, a folk-rock act popularized by Emerson College’s broad-reaching radio station WERS (88.9FM), then splintered off to form a collaboration of musicians who would sit in with him on either coast of the U.S. called “the displayers” in 2006.

shiner has written, performed, and toured with Grammy-winning artists, and is currently fronting his own Boston-local version of the displayers. His music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and myriad places around the web, and he is expecting to release a new album sometime in early 2024. His vocal stylings are his hallmark, as he hears in harmony; he is an artist not to be missed.

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